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apple MOMA Mac User Group Daytona    Midnight Oil Macintosh Association

apple Alaska Apple User Group

apple Arizona MUG

apple ACUMUG (Arkansas College and University Macintosh Users Group)
apple PlanetMUG   entirely online
appleDiablo Valley Macintosh User Group in Walnut Creek
apple Redwood Coast MUG in Gulala, CA

apple Apple Technology Enthusiasts of San Diego

apple Stanford/Palo Alto Macintosh User Group (SMUG)
apple YMUG, the Yale Mac Users' Group, based in New Haven, Connecticut.
apple Washington Apple Pi covering the entire D.C. metro area
apple MacMAD the Macintosh Meeting and Drinking Society in Melbourne, Florida
apple T.Apple the Tallahassee Apple Users Group
apple Sarasota/Manatee Macintosh Users Group

apple Atlanta Macintosh Users Group in the metro Atlanta area
apple HMAUS Hawaii Macintosh and Apple Users' Society

apple CUMUG Champaign-Urbana Macintosh Users Group
apple  Kokomo Apple Users Group
apple Quad Cities Macintosh Users Group (QCMUG) in Bettendorf, Iowa
apple  MWUG MacWichita Users Group in Wichita
apple  CKCS the Central Kentucky Computer Society
apple  Baton Rouge Macintosh Users Group
apple  Capital Apple Mac Performa User Group of Augusta, Maine
apple BMac formerly BMUG Boston Macintosh Users Group
apple MacGroup-Detroit a Macintosh Community User's Group serving southeast Michigan.
apple  B-smug (Big Sky Mac User Group) presents BigSky MacEzine
apple  Apple Manchester Users Group (Apple MUG) based in Manchester, New Hampshire
apple New Jersey MUG

applePrinceton Macintosh Users Group , based on the campus of Princeton University
apple Santa Fe Macintosh Upser Group

apple Apple-Dayton SIG

apple TUMS Tulsa Users of Macintosh Society
apple PMUG Portland Macintosh Users Group
apple COMUG Central Oregon Macintosh User Group meeting in the Cascades
apple Hershey Apple Core based in Hershey Pennsylvania


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