AppleCare Protection Plan
Available in Florida

One of the realities about using technological devices is that they are similar to any other product made by people - they can malfunction or break. Even your new Macintosh computer, iPod, iPad or iPhone can experience a problem that stops it from working properly.

The basic warranty protection provided by Apple will cover any problems that might occur soon after you buy your new toy... er tool, but it doesn't hurt to be prepared for breakdowns that might occur after the initial warranty ends. And, lucky for all of us Mac users living in Florida, Apple's excellent AppleCare Protection Plan (APP) is now available to residents of all fifty states.

At one time individual consumers in Florida were not able to purchase or register AppleCare because of state regulations, but those days came to an end in December 2005. Now individuals and businesses alike can enjoy the extended warranty protection available to them directly from Apple.
You can purchase an AppleCare Protection Plan for your favorite Apple products anytime during the life their initial warranty coverage. But since AppleCare also extends free telephone support beyond the initial 90 days, you probably wouldn't want to wait too long!
AppleCare Protection Plans are available for Mac computers (iMac, Mac mini, Mac Pro, MacBook, and MacBook Pro), Apple displays, iPhones, iPods, and Apple TVs. Please note that each product requires a separate AppleCare Protection Plan for coverage.
How to contact APPLE.
AppleCare Protection Plan (APP)
AppleCare Protection Plan Terms and Conditions

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