The St. Augustine Macintosh Users Group (S.A.M.U.G.) is a nonprofit educational organization in the
State of Florida.


The objectives of this organization are to provide a forum for users of Macintosh® computers and all other products from Apple. Our members and guests exchange information and ideas. We assist each other in solving common problems. We attempt to expand our individual and collective knowledge in the use of computers, software and peripherals. We meet and learn from professionals in the field, and benefit from the availability of public domain programs and cooperative purchasing.
We provide education, training and development in the use and application of computers, peripherals and software. There are numerous ONLINE sources for individual learning, not the least is
APPLE. We will provide on our web site and via email a great number of links and sources for personal learning such as Apple Seminars.  
Our audience includes members, the community, the general public, school children, teachers, physically or mentally challenged people and disadvantaged youth. We encourage the use of personal computers for entertainment, home offices and scholastic, research, communications and commercial purposes.
For these purposes we hold
meetings, demonstrations, classes provided when there is a demand and presentations. We also have a newsletter, Apple Sauce which every member receives by mail and electronically.


The members of SAMUG are diverse. They include young students and retirees, working men and women of all ages, teachers, computer professionals, artists and graphics designers. Publishers and authors, entrepreneurs and veterans all belong. Over 95% of our members have an online account and access to E-mail.

S.A.M.U.G. is not affiliated with
Apple, Inc., or any other commercial enterprise. Because of this, SAMUG relies on membership dues to pay it's bills. Dues are only $30 per year for an individual or a family or $50 for two years.
If you are not a member, there are several ways you can join. One is to come to a meeting. Meetings are free and open to the public. At a meeting you can see for yourself the advantages of joining and learn about the benefits of membership. Another is to mail or download this membership application . If you join you become eligible for Real Balloon Help.


To find out about meeting schedules you can take the link to our meeting announcements or contact us via e-mail. To get yourself on the announcement list you may wish to e-mail your name, address and telephone number to us at samug@samug.org.


SAAUG officers and volunteers who help with its activities are unpaid. If you are willing to offer some help in club activities please contact us by e-mail and leave the particulars. By helping S.A.M.U.G., you are helping others, and it is likely you will be the greatest benefactor.

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