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TidBITS Publishing Inc.
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Ten TIPS presented by David Pogue on YouTube
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Keystroke Characters - useful everyday
How to make a bootable Lion install disc or drive (Macworld)
Click Here
How To Move(Transfer “stuff) From iMac to Macbook/iMac 
(if you have Wi-Fi Internet)

Turn on your iMac and be sure it is online

Turn on your other (Macbook or iMac), go to System Preferences, Sharing and check File Sharing if it is not already checked.
Make sure it is online.

Now on the iMac, open a new Finder Window and on the left you should see your other (Macbook or iMac) named under Shared.

Click on the named other (Macbook or iMac) and a window appears where you can choose Connect As if the connection is not automatic

When the little box appears, type in the  name and the password of the other (Macbook or iMac)
If you have put in the correct name and password, you should see;
folder Hard Drive
folder your name
folder your name Public Folder

Once you open the Hard drive, the Applications, Library, System, Users (where you find Documents, Pictures, etc)

With that open in the Finder Window, you now open your Hard Drive on the iMac and you should be able to drag from one to the other.
Be careful so you drag the iMac to the other (Macbook or iMac) unless the other (Macbook or iMac) is more current and then of course reverse the drag, OK????


MAIL Settings - pop account with Bellsouth/AT&T
Open Mail,
under Mail choose Preferences, Accounts, click on your AT&T/Bellsouth account
Incoming Mail Server:
Click Advanced: Insert Port - 995 check Use SSL
Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) (Choose dropdown Edit SMTP Server List)
Description: AT&T/Bellsouth
Server Name:
Click on Advanced, choose Use custom port: Insert 465
Check Use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
Authentication: Password
User Name: Your complete email address
Password: Your AT&T/Bellsouth Password
Click OK
Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) should say AT&T/Bellsouth, check Use only this server
Be sure to SAVE all changes you have made or nothing changes!!!!!!


APRIL Program -- Download Dashboard Widgets
-- MAIL Support via Apple

App Store Catalog -- Find Apps (updated)

Moving To iCloud
Using Preview for filling out PDF forms, etc
by Fred Hathorn
Getting To Know Your iPAD

Bootable OSX 10.8 Flash Drive

“SIRI, Your Wish is Its Command”

Judy Frick & Kai Long
Program Handout


OS X maintenance & optimization tool.   Free

Download Here

Cleanup your Mac OS X - 6 ways


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