Many of our members have volunteered to help with certain programs and advice. If you are willing to help out, please inform us at SAMUG so we can add your name to the list.
If you need help in any of the following areas, please contact a SAMUG member who has offered to help.

Some advice:
Most problems with specific programs can be solved by reading the HELP that came with the program.
If you are having an operational problem, try to isolate the cause. Just because you loaded some new software doesn't mean that it has caused the problem. Old software is sometimes not compatible with new. Upgrade frequently.
Run your
DISK UTILITY (found in Utilities) to REPAIR PERMISSIONS after up update or having a problem.
Back up your work frequently. Copy or drag it to a flash drive, external hard drive, or burn to a CD.

RESTART your computer!

Some rules:
The St. Augustine Macintosh Users Group does not charge for its help. We are all volunteers, with a limited amount of time. Please do not abuse the privileges of membership.

If the problem cannot be solved by phone, then you should seek professional help, either at a computer store or by calling the manufacturer of the product. A few of our members will make house calls. SAMUG does not support any commercial organization.

If you are getting an error message, please write it down carefully. Even the numeric messages have meaning. Also write down what program you were using and what operation you were performing at the time the problem occurred. We also need to know what version of the operating system you are using,  how much memory you have, and what are the versions of the software that is giving trouble.
Everyone needs to upgrade to OS X. 

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